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30 Things I’ve Learned in My 30 Years!

1. 30 isn’t Old.

Growing up, I thought 30 was OLD and that the best part of my life would already be over. That is totally not the case! The past few months, I have really looked forward to turning 30 because it is the start of a whole new decade/chapter in my life and I feel like absolutely anything is possible! I actually feel much better and younger than I did in my mid-20’s! I believe the best is yet to come!

2. Gratitude is the Best Attitude.

This is the truth. Be grateful for what you have in your life at this very moment and watch it totally change everything.

3. The F-Word is powerful (no, not THAT F-word).

FORGIVENESS is SO powerful. Forgive others and let go of your grudges. Also, forgive yourself!!! I used to be really hard on myself, but I made a huge positive shift in my life when I decided to forgive myself for my past mistakes. I even have the Chinese symbol for forgiveness tattooed on my wrist as a constant reminder.

4. Your Weight Does Not Define You.

This is one thing I am still coming to terms with. I have struggled with weight issues most of my life and was over-weight for the majority of my teenage years until my early 20’s. I yo-yo dieted for years and developed a full-blown eating disorder in the past year and half. A little over a month ago, I was so malnourished and underweight that fainted and gave myself a concussion when I hit my head on the floor. I plan on sharing more about my weight and eating disorder struggle one day, but not yet! I am happy to report that I am 34 days into recovery and last week I FINALLY got the courage to throw out my scales. I keep reminding myself that weight is just a number, it does not define you as a person.

5. Self-Care is Important.

Taking time for yourself is not selfish, if anything, it is the most un-selfish thing you can do! If self-care isn’t already in your daily routine, start by taking just 10 minutes every morning to journal, meditate, gently move your body, or self-massage.

6. Connect with Nature.

We spend TONS of time watching TV, on our mobile devices and on social media. Get outside and take a walk by the beach or in the woods and walk barefoot if you can. The world we live in is so wonderful, plus the fresh air and the scenery will do you good!

7. Make-Up is Overrated.

I honestly put on full-face make up maybe 4 or 5 days a month, mostly because I think it’s a hassle and a waste of my time. I don’t have to “beautify” myself with make-up to feel better about myself. Most days, I am totally make-up free, but I do like to use a little bit of concealer under my eyes and a dash of mascara as well if I’m going to be out and about.

8. You Don’t Have to Finish Everything on Your To-Do List.

Seriously, you don’t. The world will keep spinning if you don’t finish everything on you to-do list. It took me quite a while to figure this one out (I am super Type A for sure).

9. Yoga is Life.

I dabbled in yoga for years until the summer of 2018, when I truly fell in love with all things yoga. Yoga and meditation have been important tools for dealing with my anxiety and to help quiet my thoughts. It has also been the only thing, besides acupuncture, that has helped alleviate my chronic low-back pain due to a congenitally fused L5 and SI joint on my right side. From October 2018 through March 2019, I did Hannah Muse’s Awake Heart yoga teacher training at Breath + Oneness in Capitola, CA and became a Yoga Alliance-registered yoga teacher (200 RYT). Daily yoga practice has improved my attitude, mood, flexibility and strength and I am so unbelievably happy that I found it.

10. My Parents Are the BEST.

They really are!! Thank you mom and dad for putting up with all my bull-shit over the years and for always being there for me. You guys helped shape the person I am today and I will forever be grateful for you. I love you!

11. Being a Mom Is Hard Work, But I LOVE It.

Being a mom is freaking hard. Raising little human beings to hopefully grow-up to be decent adult human beings is also really freaking hard. I am a single-mom of two amazing kids, Austin, 6, and Allison, 3. I absolutely love them to pieces, but they really do know how to push my buttons. I’ve smiled, laughed and learned so much over the years, but I have also had days where I have been so unbelievably frustrated, felt like the shittiest parent on the planet, full on alligator-tear cried and I have even locked myself in the bathroom just so I could have a minute to myself. I’m by no means a perfect parent, but I am doing the best that I can and that is all that matters. I can honestly say that my kids are the greatest blessings in my life.

12. There is No Such Thing as Perfect.

Note to self: perfection does not exist in any shape or form. Perfection is not real or attainable.

13. Food is Not Evil.

I used to believe food was my greatest enemy and that it would only make me fat and miserable. This is eating disorder logic at it’s finest. Food is NOT evil. Food is your life-force, it gives you energy and nourishes your mind/body. It has been difficult, but I am learning to enjoy food again!

14. Eat More Plants, Less Animals.

Put good stuff into your body! Plant-based eating is not only great for you, but also good for the animals and for the entire planet. You don’t have to totally give up meat or dairy, just be more conscious of your food decisions and make the best choices for yourself.

15. Surround Yourself with Positive People.

It’s hard to weed out the toxic people in your life, but it is SO worth it. Positive vibes only!

16. Don’t Live Your Life Vicariously Through Your Favorite TV Show Characters.

Who else is guilty of spending too much time watching TV? I have spent countless hours living  vicariously through my favorite TV characters such as Meredith Grey, Olivia Pope and pretty much every single housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I now try to watch an hour maximum of TV daily, although there are some days I end up mini-binging on a show like Stranger Things!

17. Don’t Underestimate Yourself.

Most of us constantly underestimate ourselves and do not realize the potential we have to be anything we want to be! Believe you can do all things and live your best life.

18. This Too Shall Pass.

This was my first tattoo and obviously means a lot to me if I got it permanently inked on my body! Sometimes we get too absorbed into our latest life “crisis” and it seems like the end of life as we know it, but it does go on. Try to remember “this too shall pass” during these moments; this helped me get though a lot.

19. Take Risks.

Getting out of your comfort zone is good and what’s the worst that could happen? You could try something and fail, but that is okay because it will help you learn and grow from the experience! Most things we regret in life tend to be the things we never did because we were too afraid to take the risk. Don’t live with those regrets.

20. Social Media Breaks Are a Necessity.

Get off your phones, tablets, computers and get outside, exercise, meditate or read a book. Try doing a 24 hour technology detox!

21. You Are in Charge of Your Life and Your Feelings.

You have more power over your thoughts and emotions than you know. Choose the life you want to life.

22. Music is The Best Way to Quickly Change Your Mood.

Do you ever hear a song and it instantly puts you in the best mood ever? I am a firm believer that music can influence and even change your mood instantaneously. I literally have playlists for every mood I can think of on Apple Music. My favorite playlist is my “Sunny Days” playlist, which has all of my favorite uplifting and happy-feeling songs.

23. Plastic-Free is the Way to Go.

I have really gotten into reducing my carbon foot print and eco friendly/green living. What can you do to reduce your carbon foot print? Start by using less single-use plastic, such as straws. Buy in bulk and store in reusable glass containers. Take short showers and use extra a bucket to collect water to use for plants. Walk when you can. Make your own cleaning and body products. Compost and grow your own food. There are tons of ways for us to make a positive impact on our environment and planet! Start today!

24. Drink a TON of Water.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water and the majority of us are often dehydrated! 64 oz of water is recommended by most, but I think that is definitely not enough water to keep the body completely hydrated. I drink at LEAST 80 oz of water a day, starting off with 12 oz of warm lemon water every morning to help detoxify and rejuvenate my body.

25. Be Your Authentic Self.

Don’t just do things because they are trendy or you saw some influencer post about it on Instagram. Please don’t try to be anyone else but yourself!

26. Be Kind.

Be kind to others. Be kind to animals. Be kind to the planet. Be kind to yourself.

27. Laugh. A. Lot.

Laughter is the best medicine there is! Laugh as often as you possibly can.

28. Just Breathe.

This one is a HUGE one for me and my family, both literally and figuratively. I also have “just breathe” tattooed on my shoulder for this reason: my 6 year old son has Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is an recessive genetic disease that affects where the body creates excessive thick mucus primarily in the lungs and digestive system. There is no cure and the median life expectancy is about 40 years old, although there are many who die much younger than that. CF is a monster and it breaks my heart that my little boy has to endure 2-4 hours of breathing treatments daily and he has to take over 30 pills every single day, and that is just when he is considered “healthy!” Dealing with CF has been very difficult for me as a parent, but I am optimistic that a cure is around the corner!

29. Time Is Precious.

Time is the most precious thing there is in this world. We only have so much of it to spend and unfortunately, it can easily be wasted. The one thing most people wish for is more time so, please, don’t waste the time you have!!

30. You Only Get One Life, So Live It.

No explanation needed.

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